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How We Can Help

If you have special educational needs, are in education and are under 25, our service is here to help.

Introducing Karen


Hello. My name is Karen and am the Child and Young Person’s Case Worker.

I am married and have two teenage children. We would like a dog of our own but for now, enjoy spending time with our friend’s dog, who you can see in the photo.

I like:

- baking

- reading

- eating chocolate

- swimming

- watching Stranger Things

I dislike:

- minced beef

- being in high places

- when my house is messy

- unkindness

- being too tired

I have worked with children and young people in Nurseries, Primary schools and Colleges for over 20 years. I have always enjoyed listening to the views of children and young people and am delighted to be focussing on this in my job.

When you contact me, I will do my best to listen to you and I will probably ask you a few questions. It won’t matter if you don’t know the answers as I might not know the answers to your questions straight away. We will work together to figure these out and if we can’t I will try to find someone else who can. It is really important to me that your voice is heard.

I’m here to help you participate fully in decisions about your education.

• I’m here to support you face to face, on the phone or by email.

• I can support you at meetings, with planning and writing letters and talking things through.

• I can give information and advice about your Education, Health and Care plan (EHCP), whether you need help asking for a needs assessment, understanding the process, getting your voice heard, checking plans, reading drafts or getting ready for your annual review.

• I can help you to get in touch with someone who can tell you about post 16 opportunities: work, further education, training and apprenticeships.

• I can give you information on who to talk to about your preparation for adulthood: health services, social care services and independent living.

If you would like more information on various topics please see our Resources page, which includes Easy Read Resources.

If you would prefer to email us, meet face to face or speak to someone on the phone please let us know.